About Us

Swappcell is an online classified ad marketplace that provides a platform for selling and buying phones that are both new and used. We offer a place where all sorts of mobiles can be sold and bought easily by connecting both parties (sellers and buyers). Everyone is allowed to post content that they need to sell. It is a multi-vendor marketplace where individuals can become sellers and buyers. The sellers will register themselves for selling their mobile and then post an ad of their phone. Then that ad can be viewed by hundreds of potential buyers that are also registered, and they can connect with the seller through our chat service and through the contact number of the seller provided on our website. Featured ad service will also be provided to boost your ad’s reach.

Swappcell provides a user-friendly interface, providing convenience to the sellers and buyers in accomplishing their requisites. Product information, images, the contact information of the seller, and easy contact with the seller help the buyer to be more drawn towards the website in acquiring the benefits it’s providing. Shopping and selling the mobile by staying at the comfort of your home or your workplace just got easier through Swappcell. We aim to modernize the process of buying and selling and to provide ease to people by freeing them from the hassle of market runs and price problems. Consequently, adding value to the buying and selling market.

Our Vision Statement

Swappcell aims to become the no.1 multi-vendor marketplace for used and new mobile phones in Pakistan.

Our Mission Statement

We shall put our sincere efforts towards providing an easy and accessible platform for the users.